Safely In The Darkness-KIDS IN THE WAY

There’s nothing I can say to build these bridges back Against the tides that washed them away The life has left this room Like a thousand fires gone black against the sky and scarlet moon The smoke is in the air, choking out the sun It’s rising in the air, I can’t see And I will find you there, somewhere in the dark Buried in a place between dead and broken hearts There’s safety in the darkness, there’s safety in the dark I have left these shores to face the tempest night That stirs the stars against the waters with its storms The sirens sing their song It’s like a thousand hands that pull me down and break the course I travel on The ocean fills my lungs, drowning out the sun It’s rising in my lungs, I can’t breathe I close my eyes to see the light that’s leading me [[Category:Christian_Rock]] [[Category:KIDS IN THE WAY]]

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