Same Ol’ Story-FLATFOOT 56

It’s the same old story, I was young I was naive And I was dumb, my pops said stand But then I ran Into the trap of Satan’s plan (chorus) And the dog that spread those lies And with those lies I ran Just like the water reflects the face So the heart reflects the man I was a wreck doped up and drugged Against my chains I would have tugged But then He saved me made me his son Just like the father I was running from On that hill upon a tree hung a man who died for me As he hung there about to die I saw the water pour from his side He said "my son, your sins are vast But they are gone, thrown to the past Walk with me now boy, through fields of green In this pool of water your face I’ve seen" Now it’s the same great story I was young I was naive and I was dumb But then He saved me, called me His one And to the Father I became a son [[Category:Flatfoot 56]] [[Category:Christian_Rock]]

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