Say Your Prayers-THE WEDDING

Look at you now, just standing there like you think you’re something. The lights are up and the crowd is looking your way. Waiting for what you have to say. Go ahead boy give them a little taste of hypocrisy, maybe a hint of blasphemy. Whatever you’re preaching it isn’t me. You wanna walk with me, do ya? You wanna walk with me. If you love me then just love me, don’t you give me pretty words. Lay your life down at the altar. Let me see how serious you are. These people don’t look to me no more they’ve got their idols in various forms. With lust in their eyes they crave for more. Take their place with the corporate carnivores. Oh, keep your focus for the day will come when everyone will give account for what they’ve done; make me proud. Make me proud my son. Look at this broken world; look at my children. Get ready go; sing to me the right song. Look up say your prayers on the steps of the capitol. Look up say your prayers, on your knees. Look up say your prayers. Look up say your prayers. You wanted it to be like you always thought it would but all you seem to accomplish is the opposite. [[Category:The Wedding]]

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