Secure In Eternity-SEVENTH ANGEL

Survey the past, gaze into time, recalling pain, once was mine Reheld the blade, symbol of my moorbid desire, then to die Screamed in agony, Life was Hell for me, I cry out to thee. [CHORUS:] Secure in Eternity, of hopelessness devoid. Bestowed Immortality, fear of death destroyed,- I lie alone, close to death, assured of Heaven, to my last breath, My peaceful soul, God is here, encircling peace, Paradise is near. Miraculous entity, Only now I see, Escaped Mortality. [CHORUS;] Forgiveness of sin, through God’s own Son, by holy sacrifice, Eternity begun. The disentombed Christ, opens up Heaven, brings me life, by ressurection [[Category:Christian_Heavy_Metal]] [[Category:Seventh Angel]]

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