This union with creation is a brilliant coronet What I cannot gain by knowledge I infect, As I posses. Put into perspective as I walk up the facade, Instead of sinking It’s got me thinking. How could I be wrong when I am right? I’ll never know, we hear the truth and turn away. Our ears are burning every day. The quandary is the elucidation oh-ho. With sightless faith, small steps,and pride, let that suffice, no longer a spark, It’s gone ablaze, before our eyes. The whole earth trembles at his name in fear and awe, Instead of blinking, It’s got me thinking. We learn to sacrafice, we learn to take a life. We take and we don’t give. Live how we want to live. And no one wants to lie. But we all have to lie. Relax, then die [[Category:Dogwood]]

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