When will I realize This revolution is more than just these songs I feel so two faced I feel so disgraced If I could only be what I sing about Same on me. How dare I Hide behind this microphone, and straight up lie Shame on me. Please forgive me This insurrection will stat with me I won’t be a memory A songwriter that sings of fantasy I’ll give it all back every last track The band, the fans if I can make an impact Same on me. How dare I Be the one that sits while everybody else still fights Same on me, Please forgive me This revolution will start with me. Same on me. How dare I Keep this truth hidden deep inside of me Same on me, Please forgive me I want to be the one that starts this mutiny Same on me for not seeing That I was like the blind leading the blind Shame on me please forgive me I pray this mission can still use me As I lay here Tasting my own tears Give me strength to finish what I started [[Category:The Insyderz]]

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