on me Be a light unto my path And a lamp unto my feet They flew us down to Oklahoma City Yeah,
but I could hardly stand there on the stage So sick I couldn’t speak And the fever wouldn’t break But when I stepped up to the microphone I heard it It was the voices of the brothers at my side They were singing out my song When the song in me had died Oh,
shine your light on me Somebody come and get me when I’m gone Two years ago I drove into a darkness I straightened every curve on Cane Ridge Road And I could hear the flapping wings Of every devil I have known And the inside of my car was like a casket But then it flooded with a blaze of sacred light She was calling me back home And as I pulled into the drive I knew the servants of the secret fire Were gathered there The embers of the ages Like a living prayer She was standing on the porch where I could see Shine your light on me,
on me Be a light unto my path And a lamp unto my feet

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