[-The boy feels alone, and is looking for comfort. He requests an audience with a minister of his church, believing that this man will have answers.] I’m looking for answers. I’ve been told I can find it here. I’ve been praying, but I’m not feeling any better. I come to you to seek truth. Tell me now, why is she gone? “Sometimes the good Lord gives and takes away And we will never understand. You must know it is for a good intention” And for that, he has lost my attention To love a murderer. How can I forgive him for that? “Faith is a key to keep your head up high.” Even that has been a struggle. That’s reality. “But it is all for his plan I have faith in you, you know.” I’ve had enough of this reality. I’m ready to throw it out My hope, my faith, and yours. What makes you think I can still believe? “Then take your little faith out of my walls! I’ve had enough!” I was only finding comfort here. Now you have shunned. You’ve shunned me. [[Category:Christian_metalcore]] [[Category:AS HELL RETREATS]]

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