Simploid Creations-DOGWOOD

A speck of sand in the eternal hourglass, Another drop of water in the endless sea, Look at this, look at me, look at all that I posses I say all your fancy stuff, doesn’t impress me. Fulfilled your champagne wishes and caviar dreams Homeless wonder every street in your own town Spend every single dime on your monthly queen Drive around in your Benz just to put them down Once you’ve got everything, what comes next? You’ll never reach the top to yourself, you’re lying Better give it up or you’ll die trying It’s all going to burn, then we’ll see who’s crying You are just like me, a simple creation, Government doesn’t care keeps raising taxes, Riches survive while poor struck by axes, Not doing much to make our country drug free, In the back of the white house grows money trees. Drive around in your Benz just to put them down Whatever happened to one nation under God? They have to be frisked, just to walk into schools! Find pleasure in drawing attention with colors, I’ll show you in this world who rules. Simple Creation [[Category:Christian_Punk]]

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