Sola Christus-TOURNIQUET

[Music and Lyrics by Macias] Not inclined to come to Him Inability within Inward call achieves His end Sovereignly commenced Sola Gratia Covenant to covenant Salvation never changed Sola Gratia Quickened of the third person Regenerate competence Not my own, this faith a gift Boasting set adrift Sola Fide Credited as righteousness Looking far ahead Sola Fide Pardoned of iniquity Forgotten, cast into the sea Righteousness ascribed to me Christ alone completed He Sola Christus Christ alone completed me Sola Christus Fulfilled the Father’s Holy law Unblemished lamb redemption brought Sinless One received the wrath Justifying filthy men [[Category:Christian_Heavy_Metal]] [[Category:TOURNIQUET]]

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