Somber Theme (Where Are You?)-DELIVERANCE

To the four corners and beyond From the ghettos to the farms Babies born / Babies die Poor are broken / Rich are strong Where are you? There still are lies / And always truth Hershey Bars and Baby Ruth’s Power’s both weak and strong For one right / There’s plenty wrongs Where are you? Choices made / Even if not to choose Deciding when or what to use Wars will start / Wars will end Pending on which side will bend Where are you? Hiding in a glass asylum Living on and off your own kind Ignore the world around you Hoping for a new mankind Medicine cures / Disease kills Desert sands / And grassy hills Grace abounds / Yet so does sin But not for you in your world within Where are you? Close your eyes so you can see The river flooded with mercy There’s so much more that we could do Break the glass between me and you Electric blue / translucent green There’s more than what our eyes have seen A world of love / A world of hate Bleeding hearts / For you they wait Where are you? [[Category:Deliverance]]

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