Something More GINNY OWENS

I’ve spent half my lifetime watching time go by And wonderin’ where it went And when I try to fall asleep at night I lay there feeling spent Contemplating what the next day’s Gonna hold for me Tossing,
turning My mind is churning thoughts won’t let me be Every morning meets me With a list of all I have to do And every evening greets me With the knowledge that I’m never through And every taste of success Makes me vow to never fail Feels like I just chase my tail *chorus* There’s gotta be something more Than running circles for a living Gotta be something better Than just trying to survive Gotta some more important piece That I am missing Gotta be something more to life If every picture tells a story Mine must be a mystery Cuz I lose sight of who I am And who I am supposed to be looking back at what I’ve built and all that I’ve achieved only leads me to believe yeah *chorus* tired of these hopeless places bored with my earthly things so i must fill my empty spaces with the love that heaven brings *chorus 2x*

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