Sometimes Cry-POOR OLD LU

Don’t delay for a minute Cause if you do I’ll know you’re too far into it I mean the world around us The world around To keep your head above water To be humble amidst tears and laughter Sometimes we need to hide Sometimes cry Run away Far away To Yahweh He’s my hideaway Star-studded-super-step You’ve turned around again Well I can feel it inside In His side And I’ll tell you what He sees But first I must fall down on my own knees Let me hold your hand Holding our hands I need to lower my head I don’t know if I can I’ve been so lost I don’t know if I can I really have to fall I don’t know if I can I’ll say it again I don’t know if I can And now we’re losing time No, we can’t say we never got a sign The love is all around us And it surrounds us [[Category:Poor Old Lu]]

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