Soul Search-ANGELICA

I remember when You called I didn’t want to listen Godless sin abound And it was all for free Little did I know Everything that’s gold doesn’t Always glisten and You were Sure to show me that very reality Now my eyes can see The truths that were so far from me Our journeys only just begun But ends so happily Soul searchin’ Search into the farthest comers Look in through the window of my eye Soul searchin’ Fightin’ for that cloak of glory Help me when I’m in my darkest hour In a time of Need You heard my cry as One of Your children You accepted me And knew me by my name A night i’ll never forget As alone as I felt, You Were standin’ beside me Patiently waiting, waitin’ for me to say Now I need You here To whisper softly in my ear That You forgive me of my sin, Now come into my life Soul searchin’… Soul searchin’ Life changin’ Bringing to life, The new man in me Everything that is of no value Just gets in the way Soul searchin’ New creation Changin’ the old to a brand new me All in all a life long battle But it’s worth it to me [[Category:Angelica]]

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