Spectrophobic Dementia-TOURNIQUET

[Words and Music by Gary Lenaire] I feel a piece of my life escapes me With every rising of the sun Subtle thoughts assuring me that I’m not well Asyndesis, mind undone Was it me? Was I there? No way to tell memory cast farewell Will I live? Am I dead? Somebody said, "He’s getting worse" 1943 inside, outside it’s yesterday God, please help me Lacramation down my face Voices, strangers from my past The people that I love Worried smiles across the room It’s me they’re thinking of You don’t know how lame it is to wonder who you are Losing touch with everything, and everyone’s so far Give to me the dreams my brain and mind will not recall Give to me the dignity of knowing me at all Here alone inside, please comfort me before I die And I can only be restored by your hand He who hears the Word and turns To do not what it says and learn Is like the man who gazed into the mirror For an honest view And saw himself and walked away Forgot the sight without delay This fate could be for me or you So seek the Lord in grace and truth [[Category:TOURNIQUET]] [[Category:Christian_Heavy_Metal]]

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