Speed Of Sound-MORTAL

I’ve come far to be here with you, farther than I thought I could, I’ve more courage now than I have ever let on to you, And it’s in the way you’re moving, as uneasy as your smile, I can tell you’re slowly dying – can we stop and talk awhile? Oh. Now, as far as I can remember, you’ve been running all your life, And it seems you ran forever ’cause I was always left behind, Now that I have caught up to you, there are things I have to say… Like I’m happy to be near you, but I cannot stay. My love’s an ocean, You are the moon, The stars, our windows, The sky is our room. Yeah, Ooh, ooh. These are more than simple changes; they are painful and profound, And you might consider pacing life below the speed of sound, No, I can’t take your wounds from you; things you’ve done, I cannot undo, I can only hope to love you like the ocean loves the moon. I am an ocean, You are the moon, Our life, the morning, Our love is doomed. [[Category:Christian industrial/dance]]

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