Stairway to Sin-DOGWOOD

It’s just begun, the steps of sin. The decision making process gone astray. If I had known, what was to come, I’d be sure to turn my head and run away. But that’s too bad, It’s in the past and I’m stuck right here. I’ve gone from A to C without a stop at B. And now I lost the will to do it by myself, Loving grace is what it takes to set me free. All alone is how I feel… God show me to me what is real… I choose to sacrifice myself, now I simply need your help. I’m sick and tired, of feeling guilt, why can’t I just not sin and not end up in shame? It sounds simple, but yet it’s not, I got mad again and in vain used your name. I’m not as good as people say I think I sure fooled them, Oh how I wish that they could see into my soul, Now I lost the will to do it by myself, loving grace is what it takes to make me whole. Candy coating all my dreams, Nothing is ever as it seems, I choose to sacrifice myself now I need your help. I feel ready, to do your will. I love to see my friends see you in me. I want to be, your favorite son, but in the end I know you’ll love us all the same. Well that’s alright because you gave me eternal life, and now I will tell every person that I can. Now I have the will to do it with your help, loving grace is how I became a Christian [[Category:Christian_Punk]]

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