Standing On The Edge Of Hope-TAKE IT BACK!

Please tell me how we got here. We’ve walked away from all we’ve ever known. We’re broken, bruised, and we’re beaten down but we still have nothing left to show. A thousand miles we’ve walked alone… How did we get this far? Some things have changed or stayed the same. My days and nights all run together, the question still remains. Did bitterness take you away? But in the end its all the same. The same white lines divide this road But in the end where did forever go? You will never know what you did for me We stuck together and made it out alive. You will never know… Will it ever get easy while we’re playing these games? Will we pick up the pieces? Will things ever be the same? Is there hope that tomorrow we won’t get left behind We won’t slip through the cracks and be left here to die. There’s so much more to life than these four walls! [[Category:TAKE IT BACK!]]

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