Star Chamber-KEN TAMPLIN

I read it in the paper, it’s in the magazines It’s life in the house of fame Fortune’s finger touched you it seemed and all your dancing days God gave you one face but you made yourself another Was it all in the name of sensation? Yeah they raised you up just to shoot you down Into the valley of humiliation Livin’ in a star chamber, star chamber Happy time in misery, is it heaven or hell right here on earth Livin’ in a star chamber, star chamber Is it bad, is it dangerous or is it just another thriller? Accusers and users stand in line with their blazing evidence Vultures come from miles around all looking for recompense All the things we dream up have gotta be lived down The price for glory we must regret No matter how bright the sun is shinin’ Still it’s gotta set Nations love To Take Their Turn With An Iron Hand In A Velvet Glove With Thoughts That Breathe, And Words That Burn Raise ‘Em Up Just To Take ‘Em Down [[Category:Christian_Rock]]

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