[[Category: Praise & Worship]] == VERSE 1 ==

I never thought that life could hit me in the face like this I never thought that I’d betray You with just one kiss My secrets move in like an army to invade my mind My walls they shake,
defenses break This happens all the time
== PRE CHORUS 1 ==

These walls are closing in,
feels like I’ll never win Breaking up,
I’m breaking down But You say
== CHORUS ==

Stay with Me,
don’t come undone (I know the road is tough,
this love will be enough) Stay with me,
cause we are one (I know we’re meant to be,
this is our destiny)
== VERSE 2 ==

I find it easy to believe when I’ve got all I need I take the credit for the debt that You paid for me But in the money and the power lies a creeping death Cause when it fades,
stripped away,
now what’s left
== PRE CHORUS 2 ==

I’m just a broken mess,
I’m filled with bitterness I’m breaking up,
I’m breaking down still You say
== BRIDGE ==

Even when I fall,
You love catches all Even when I fall,
Your love covers all,
all of me


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