Stereotaxic Atrocities-TOURNIQUET

[Words & Music: Kirkpatrick] Brilliant scientific enterprise The altruistic benefit of humanity justifies A white lab coat represents the icon Eradicate disease, the pedestal it stood on Lies shattered on the floor Just another day, the dead half a million lay Your taxes will foot the bill, supply animals to kill Stinging infusion of chemical The moribund patient clings to the wall Another scapegoat to suffer for our sickening vices You cut their neck, they cut your check Endless barrage of repitition, satisfies your need Of colleague competition Pseudo scientist watches in fascination As electrode-ridden monkey #32 Has his dignity completly destroyed We need another 0,000 to find a scientific reason Why cats land on their feet Feline fuel for the incinerator Even though this test will not help the human mess Continue it anyway, the car payment’s due today [[Category:TOURNIQUET]] [[Category:Christian_Heavy_Metal]]

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