There a hole the size of a cruel word In a wounded heart somewhere that’s learning to hide the pain There’s a thorn stuck in the conscience of Someone who spoke a word in anger And they can’t wash away the stain,
sorry’s such a hard word to say [Chorus] But while it’s still called today,
won’t somebody make it right Before the day slips into night and the moments waste away While it is still called today,
we’ve got to say the words That are longing to be heard ’cause tomorrow may be too late Go on and say what you need to say while it is still called today There’s a girl who’s waiting day after day To hear her daddy say "I love you,
" now the days have turned to years There’s a wall that silence has turned to stone Between a man and woman,
she’s holding back the tears And he’s holding on to his fears [Chorus] ‘Cause there’s a time when the sun goes down And the flowers are laid on the grave Will the tears that fall to the ground Be the tears of regret for the words someone didn’t say
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