Strange Fascination-KEN TAMPLIN

I’ve seen it in the headlines, another Current Affair I could not believe my eyes, I had to stop and stare A fat man explodes and Big Foot’s alive Just another day for Inquiring Minds Just when you thought you’d seen it all The freak show parade takes another curtain call We’ve got the shape shifting beast falling from The Star And a mermaid baby’s found in back of Zsa Zsa’s car Can You Imagine, I Don’t Know, Well Stranger Things Have Happened Well Can’t You Imagine, I Don’t Know, No, No, No A teacher robs a bank at lunch, ah that’s hard to swallow Meanwhile the human torch is a hot act to follow A Doc turns babe into fish, I can’t relate While a preagnant bride goes out and weds her murdered mate We’ve Gotta Strange, Fascination We Are A Strange, Fascination [[Category:Christian_Rock]]

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