== VERSE 1 ==

We’re all just in a race for what is and what could be Do you believe? We’re all just wanting something more than we can see & you can if you believe

I’ve got a real mean agenda for my opposer Ain’t gettin nothing from me but an,
"I thought I told ya!" I’ve got a clear conscience and it’s leading me over the doubt And I’ma bust out,
like a supernova!
== CHORUS ==

Shine! Just like a super star So bright,
lightin up the night Supernova Shine! Just like a super star Outshining galaxies like a supernova!
== VERSE 2 ==

There ought to be a glow about our lives Radiating beauty from our God,
coming from the inside We all know what its like to live the night life Mixin wrong with right,
and it leads to nothing but a dead life
== BRIDGE ==

All glory,
honor and power forever! Yeshua! To you all Glory,
honor and power forever!

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