Standing in this vall-ey Broken down all al-one I haven’t seen the sun For so many d-ays I’m clinging to the prom-ise Of a mountain t-op But right now Lord I’d settle for some r-ain For some rain ~Chorus~ Sweep my away By Your great love Cover my life, in Your holy flood Let the currents of change Come and carry away All of my questions my doubt, and my p-ain Deliver my life, from this valley I pray Sweep me away There’s a blessing in the vall-ey I cry out in f-aith But my mind begins to wonder If I’ll ever see that d-ay I know that seasons are expect-ed But Winter leads to Spr-ing So I will thank You, in the middle of everything Thank You in everyth-ing ~Chorus~ Casting all my cares on You Because You c-are for m-e Lord remove by burd-en And destroy the yoke that I carr-y ~Chorus~ [[Category:Monk & Neagle]]

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