Temple Of The Snake-SAVING GRACE

Slipped once again and I’m finding myself back inside this same old story. Fear coming over me, guilty as sin, succumbing. I’m losing myself. All the weight that I’ve carried these days is crushing me down and I fall. Can’t escape this. How can I erase these thoughts? They’re all haunted by you. Back once again and I’m drowning myself embracing this flesh-bough freedom. It eats away at me and all the promises that I made, I can’t keep. it’s consuming me inside and out. I’m blistered. I’m rotting away. Can’t escape this. How can I erase this? Over and over again… still making the same mistakes. Still walking away from grace. I spend my days in the temple of the snake. And though you pick me up and you wash me clean, I still turn and walk away. I bite the hand that freely feeds. I am the cause of all this pain. Bind my hands. Bury me. Gouge my eyes out. Set me free. Bury me. [[Category:Saving Grace]]

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