== VERSE 1 ==

Come on weatherman Give us a forecast snowy white Can’t you hear the prayers Of every childlike heart tonight? Rockies are calling,
Denver snow falling Somebody said it’s four feet deep But it doesn’t matter,
give me the laughter I’m gonna choose to keep
== CHORUS 1 ==

Another tender Tennessee Christmas The only Christmas for me Where the love circles around us Like the gift around our tree
== CHORUS 2 ==

Well I know there’s more snow up in Colorado (Well they say in L.A.,
it’s a warm holiday) Than my roof will ever see (It’s the only place to be) But a tender Tennessee Christmas Is the only Christmas for me
== VERSE 2 ==

Every now and then I get a wanderin’ urge to see Maybe California Maybe tinsel town’s for me There’s a parade there,
we’d have it made there Bring home a tan for New Year’s Eve Sure sounds exciting,
awfully inviting Still I think I’m gonna keep Ooh,
yeah Ohh,
you know I wanna be home


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