== VERSE 1 ==

Do you remember,
Jody Baxter When the whippoorwill sings How you stole across the pasture To the little hidden spring? Where you laid down by the water On a bed of Spanish moss And dreamed
== VERSE 2 ==

When wind was on the prairie And the fire was in the stove With the wood you had to carry From the corner of the grove And your daddy let you disappear With all your fishing gear Into the cove

And it was good,
good But now it’s gone,
gone And there’s a little boy Who’s lost out in the woods Always looking for the fawn
== VERSE 3 ==

I remember,
Jody Baxter When I hid out in the corn How the clouds were moving faster With the coming of the storm And I knew that I had broken Something I could not repair And I mourned
== VERSE 4 ==

Because the field was green as Eden Then it withered into brown In the middle of my grieving They came and cut it down And I was sure that it was all my fault The day they mowed the garden To the ground Repeat Refrain
== BRIDGE ==

So come back to me Please,
come back to me Is there any way that we can Change the ending of this tragedy? Or does it have to be this way?
== VERSE 5 ==

I can see you,
Jody Baxter Now you’re broken by the years As you lie down in the aster And listen for the deer And I’m a million miles away But I still pray the fawn can find me Repeat Refrain Here

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