The Battle Of Them Vs. Them-DOGWOOD

I’ll sing a song of a time such as these. Though many a year as now passed. The lesson’s the same, but the sentiments changed. The impression it made still does last for all. Serving his country, Enlist! Do it now. His took up his arms, he would show. Such bravery as he took many a life, Of the people he would never know Sing of me. Of all the men I’ve killed, I know that this will build me up. Think of me. I know that I’ll be brave. They all fell down that day. Well after the war, people picked up their life. The damage was already done. While fatherless children slept under the door, And woke innocent to the sun. Please why me? I know they’d take it back, Why don’t they take it back? Comfort me. A child grows to fast, And now let him ask. A small little child sits and waits for his dad, Hands clutching a brown telegram, Informs him his father won’t be coming home. He gave up his life for his land. Sing of me And all the men I’ve killed. I know that this will build me up. And think of me. I know that was brave. We all fell down that day [[Category:Christian_Punk]]

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