The Best Night of Our Lives-EVERYDAY SUNDAY

I know you said it all would be just fine And I know that changes come with time Still sometimes I don’t want the times to change Then (and I know) tomorrow you’ll be gone So I know tomorrow we’ll move on But maybe part of us will stay the same Don’t fall asleep We don’t want to miss a moment ‘Cause tonight might be the best night of our lives Don’t close your eyes We could stay right here forever Cause tonight might be the best night of our lives I know sometimes I fight to keep things right Fighting ends up such a waste of time The time well spent is time we have right now Feeling like we don’t know what’s to come We’ll be thinkin’ when we first begun And trying to relive it all somehow We think we’re heading somewhere Don’t say goodbye tonight But we’re not goin’ nowhere So don’t say goodbye [[Category:Everyday_Sunday]]

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