The Call Of Wisdom-OVERCOME

Wait there is something I must show you. Step into my brain, my thought give out, let me control you. Your life is putty in my hands. Weak minds, so easy to command. Apathy has made you my slave. No more sleeping, awaken to your grave. Deceiver, my believers. You sold your soul for apathy. Agnostic lie, for which you die, repeatedly nail Christ to the tree. And now you weep, just trying to get some sleep. A reoccurring nightmare that will never leave. If this is all I have, then I can’t have peace. You fool, your heart says there is not God. You fight to save the mess of your life but, now you see it is too far gone. Lack of caring on your part has been your hardest fall. Only through seeking can we learn. Awaken now to wisdom’s call. [[Category:Overcome]]

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