Hold my hand, I’ll take you to forbidden lands Behold your queen. Speak these words, intoxicating all who’ve heard A mind naive. Enter the trance, desires and dreams that’ll enhance Caressed by skill Beyond the door, what lies there you must explore Melting your will. Blinded eyes, heed his lies Visions of lust Safe at first, now you’re cursed Crumbling to dust. Now I return to my distraught shell The masque of falseness has taunted me well The Charmer is laughing, has left me to die Deceived with power, I’ve swallowed the lie. In the last days, there shall not be found One of you standing upon holy ground The witch will burn, the Charmer flee From Jesus the Lord of all purity. Hold his hand, He’ll lead you to the promised land Behold the Throne Sing His praise, surrender to the Son He raised The journey home. [[Category:Seventh Angel]]

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