The Good Times-DOGWOOD

There was a time that I was fine, (I swear that everything was fine) But it just covered all the lies. I didn’t know that everything would change. I was lost in my own world. You were compromising yours. You were never even there. Not enough to see what you would lose. I’m letting you off. My assumption that if I can find some way to get back there, Intervention straight to your heart. Without it everything is so perfect. Why can’t I just hide the past, Forget about the good times? It’s in me, I am you. Hope I’d never see it through… Never even think it — you. Just so similar to all my fears, Always feeling trapped inside. Broken promises provide, years of torment gone astray… Responsibility, too much to pay. I open my heart too much anger locked away, Inside a boy who’s without you, Without what’s left I’m left on my own, Bitter view of an american family. Create my own redemption. Bring me to the good times [[Category:Dogwood]]

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