== VERSE 1 ==

(saddle up your horses) Started out this morning in the usual way Chasing thoughts inside my head I thought I had to do today Another time around the circle Try to make it better than the last I opened up the Bible And I read about me Said I’d been a prisoner And God’s Grace had set me free And somewhere between the pages,
It hit me like a lightning bolt I saw a big frontier in front of me And I heard somebody say ‘Let’s go!’
== CHORUS ==

Saddle up your horses We’ve got a trail to blaze Through the yonder of God’s Amazing grace Let’s follow our leader into the Glorious unknown This is the life like no other whoa whoa,
This is The Great Adventure Yeah….
== VERSE 2 ==

Come on,
get ready for the ride of your life Gonna leave long faced religion In a cloud of dust behind And discover all the new horizons Just waiting to be explored This is what we were created for,
== BRIDGE ==

We’ll travel on,
over mountains so high We’ll go through valleys below Still through it all we’ll find that This is the greatest journey That the human heart will ever see The love of God will take us far Beyond our wildest dreams Yeah,
oh saddle up your horses Come on get ready to ride


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