Learned man, paint the picture of life Did you see it full of pain Did you see it full of strife Did you see the horrors of it all? Or did you indulge yourself to ignore your call Would you? Quiet now, a recluse who questions being Why and where do we belong What aren’t my eyes seeing? Split the hair in 2, such a meaningless task To throw away yourself without a word to ask Landing here through this revolving sphere Torn away from… Eyes are wide, thin disguise A fraction of the sum… You are the learned man… Quiet now, reflections seem so clear Mine are the eyes that watch from afar Seeing is believing, I might beg to differ To master the deception And sink further into the river Life is yours, your quest was always here To catch a glimpse of the Savior Through this multi-colored smear Wipe away the tears… You are the learned man… you are… [[Category:Deliverance]]

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