The Pursuit Of Happiness-CRASHDOG

Everybody wants what they want It’s the way we’ve learned to live Everybody wants ehat they want But no one wants to give Everybody wants some happiness At someone else’s expense We choke on our fill We live in excess But we buy, lie, and kill In the pursuit of happiness Everybody wants some peace of mind So they ignore the guilt But you can’t erase this land’s disgrace Or the blood we have spilt Everybody wants the greener grass That’s on their neighbor’s lawn It’s why wars are waged And freedom’s caged And coffins are filled with pawns Everybody wants to fight the fight But no one wants to bruise Everybody wants to die a martyr But pray on padded pews Everybody needs to hear the truth About our emptiness That Jesus Christ Is the end of the search In the pursuit of happiness [[Category:Christian_Punk]]

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