The Rise And Fall of Belinda And Ivan-DOGWOOD

She said she’d stick with him, Until the very end. He believed what she said, When she said that she would. For better or for worse, That was the oath decreed, Two years later divorced ’cause of speed. Pull through, Work it out, They all cried, To no avail, To no surprise, Two calloused hearts, Could no longer try. Although loved and supported, She continued to die. By her choice, All alone. Her drug addiction, Has destroyed the home. She lived her own life, By her own greed and will, Death’s grip enslaves her, And flaunts the kill. Husband left staring at her sunken face. He weeps to himself, "I showed her no grace. I had every chance to swallow my pride, and tell her how beautiful she was inside." What have I now but memories, Death’s taken the wife given to me. We’re both alone, None to blame now, She’s gone. And the sadness turns to pain. I’ll never be the same [[Category:Christian_Punk]]

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