The Seeds We’ve Sown-KIDS IN THE WAY

My knuckles have turned white, from holding your hand oh so tight Your hand in mine feels too right My tongue has become tied, I’m fighting back my insides I’m dancing with an angel under pale moonlight I’m waiting for the day when you will come to me and say I’m here to stay so let’s run away We are standing on the edge of it all Take my hand let’s go There’s no need to be afraid of the fall My love will hold you I’m drying tears I’ve cried, from finding love that’s in your eyes One kiss from you and I’m paralyzed Our hearts are killing time, they’re dieing to be inline The idea of being one with you is the greatest prize We’ll watch each other grow, and step into the great unknown This is our hope, the seed we’ve sown [[Category:KIDS IN THE WAY]]

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