Kid Rock, Slim Shady and those wicked clowns Are the ones bringing hits with the Detroit sound But when you dig deep enough hit the underground You see some other brothers rocking, tearing up this town We may not be one ones on the magazines We don’t get recognized by fanatic teens We’re the ones in the shadows creep up on you all But when we drop you stop and realize it’s on Cause we’re coming out shooting like Billy the Kid In a blaze of glory, cast our cares to the wind We got a method to our madness and it ain’t just ska We bring the motor city thunder and a dash of rock We’ve been creeping for a while and we thought it was time To come out of the woodwork and let the light shine Once again we’re ablaze with the truth and hope And when we finish here I guarantee you’ll know So get up, let’s make some noise Come on, All you girls and boys We’ll roll on, to the break of dawn With everybody in the party just singing along We stroll down the street as if nothing’s amiss Surrounded by the walking dead and their eyes that shift Packing heat within our hearts and minds to kill Even demons run away cause they know God’s will And the guys he’s called hired guns you could say Stand before you now up on this stage We’ve got a bone to pick and a debt to pay So let’s fire it up, we’ve got a world to save [[Category:The Insyderz]]

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