The Skies Are Empty-TAKE IT BACK!

Am I going through the motions yet again Or is this how I truly feel inside? Are these words the ones taught to me when I was young That I digesting without thinking? With the darkness that’s all around It gets so hard to keep believing They say we’re blind Would a god of love Leave a man under a bridge (alone) Or cause a family To loose a loved one (to a war) While the corrupt stay home And profit (from death) While they’re praying in pews to "Bring our boys home" So what’s our answer to this question? Have we bought in to the greatest lie ever told? I look up into the sky for answers But come up with only clouds passing But those clouds that gave me nothing Are what keeps me believing That voice inside when I look to the sky That says you’re not alone So I keep believing [[Category:TAKE IT BACK!]]

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