The Story of Love-KEN TAMPLIN

You became one of us Born in the slums In the ghettos of the city Your aim was to show the world how to love So you healed the sick and the needy Did we show our gratitude Or reveal our attitude We nailed you to the cross (Chorus) This is The story of love The story of love The story of love The story of love You taught that religion could never save me It angered all those who thought it could You broke all the rules Showed the wise they were fools And that loving this life would enslave me Your rainbow extends from heaven to man You paid my toll washed the stains from my soul You’re more than a friend (Chorus) Your time had come For men to hate You We always hate what we don’t understand Love’s greatest price Was when You load down Your life So freely that we might live again Again and again and again (Chorus) [[Category:Ken_Tamplin]]

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