She spent the night out with a guy Who gives attention when she cries herself to sleep I heard her say So, she gives him what he wants As long as he can make her feel okay But she’s not okay We avoid the topics We make the kids have secrets When they are exposed And everyone else knows We’ll say we never knew it That they had a problem ‘Cause if we would have known We surely would have solved it But we can’t, it’s too late I said we can’t, it’s too late He’s skipping classes ’cause he hates them And hopes he passes not to take them all again I heard him say He escapes them with the pills The ones he takes to make him feel like he’s okay But he’s not okay God, You’ve got to save us We hide behind the faces that we make to disguise The things that we’re ashamed of And all the ugly things that make us close our eyes They make us close our eyes Why do we close our eyes? [[Category:Christian_Rock]]

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