== VERSE 1 ==

I know you’ve been afraid Don’t know what to do You’ve been lost in the questions I don’t know what to say I’m sure if I were you I’d proceed with some caution But I want you to know When the joy that you feel Leaves a terrible ache in your bones It’s the voice of Jesus Calling you back home
== VERSE 2 ==

I know you’ve got a lot Spinning in your head All this emptiness fills you Maybe you could try Laying in your bed To ask the silence to still you And you might hear a beat On the door of your heart When you do,
let it open up wide It’s the voice of Jesus Calling you his bride
== BRIDGE ==

Once upon a time there was a little boy Who wandered the forest,
abandoned And he heard in the leaves And behind every tree The sound of a secret companion Following
== VERSE 3 ==

So listen,
little girl,
Somewhere there’s a King Who will love you forever And nothing in the world Could ever come between You,
my love,
and this Lover So when I kiss you at night And I turn out the light And I tell you you’re never alone It’s the voice of Jesus Calling you It’s the voice of Jesus Calling you his own

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