The Widow And The Bride-SAVIOUR MACHINE

After the dance, after the innocent fall from The terror that lies in the hands of the damned Under the trance, only the voices that cry in the dark Inherit the poisonous stand Unto corrupt, unto remain, unto escape its Imprisoned obsession with pain Into the heart, into the brain, into the Mortal conspiracy taking the claim Guilty the widow, frantic the bride Witch of seduction, virgin of lies Master illusionist, filled with surprise Killer the widow, hostage the bride Freak of destruction, thief of the night Lady of anguish and thorn in my side Leech of the angles, whore of demise Ghost of creation, living to die The curse of temptation and misery cries The threat of extinction inherits the Tears from my eyes Under the night, under the sickness that Crawls in the shadows infecting the victim within Over the lies, over the souls of the children who cry For the widow is striking again On to the ground, on to the call, on to the audience Taking its prey one and all Into the blood, into the veins, into the face Of humanity’s reign as it falls Ready the widow, panic the bride Murder the madman, nowhere to hide A badge of assassins are waiting inside Thirsty the widow, bloody the bride Death of creation, birth of a crime A bitter seduction is burning in time Child of a stranger, child of the night Son of temptation, daughter of light The closer you get to the answer insight The sooner you learn that we’re dead Or we’re losing the fight [[Category:Christian_ Metal]]

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