Words of wisdom, words of life God gave us His word to teach us his ways Reading, and studying A great passion of mine The words are alive, they strengthen my spirit They give me direction, they teach me God’s will Ancient scrolls Just as relevant now to our modern life Book of rules, regulations Those who’ve rejected Christ think it’s meant to oppress But the freedom to my spirit The words bring tears to my eyes False doctrine creeps in at every chance People misquote and take things out of context You need to study for yourself what’s written in the word Study what’s taught to you, and find out for yourself if it’s true Know the scriptures, know the word Sermons are great, but they shouldn’t be your only choice And like I said, test the sermons Find out for yourself if they’re scripturally sound But all the Bible study in the world Is no good if it’s not put into practice Knowing to love others, but showing them hate Makes your studying null and void His Spirit residing within you is what makes the word come alive in your life He’ll fill you with his fire and cover you with his blood Ask Jesus to enter your heart, He’ll give you all you need His love is like no other, His forgiveness has no end The choice is yours, He’s given you free will We have the ability to choose evil or good It’s a free gift He’s offering you, please take it and become His child His arms are open waiting for you His living words contained in the Bible pertain to every part of your life. It’s not some outdated literature, it’s not behind the times It’s what’s relevant then, it’s relevant now It’s relevant to the future of humankind Don’t deprive yourself of the most important thing in life [[Category:CRIMSON THORN]] [[Category:Christian_Metal]]

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