Theodicy On Trial-TOURNIQUET

[Words by Guy Ritter, Music by Guy Ritter, Gary Lenaire] Satan called upon the Lord "I must perform a test To prove that fath in God Is contingent on being blessed" One of the richest men of the second millennium Job was stripped of all his wealth Three daughters and seven sons He tore his robe And shaved his head Fell to the ground, worshipped God and said: I was neked when I came here I’ll be naked when I leave here The Lord gave it So He can take it All away Satan called upon the Lord "Give me one more test Grant that I may strike his flesh And at you he’ll shake his fist" From head to toe black boils Were pregnant on his skin His breath was super roached Stomach caving in Detested and forsaken by family and friends His wife said, "Curse your God And let yourself be dead!" I didn’t ask you If I could come here So I cannot ask the Condition that I leave here I don’t remember Planning my existence But why have you forsaken me? Rewarded for his faithfulness Job was give back his wealth Twice the riches as before Then God gave His discourse: Where were you when I Laid the foundations Dug the oceans And set its limits? Were you around when I Plotted constellations? Answer me! He who puts the Lord on trial Puts himself on the stand [[Category:TOURNIQUET]] [[Category:Christian_Heavy_Metal]]

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