Thick and Thin-FLATFOOT 56

I’ll be the fore you when you want me to, and I’ll be there for you in the roughest times, cause my love for you brother is more than I can say, I’ve got your back and you’ve got mine, and everybody knows that in a fight, we’ll be just fine, I’ll be praying to the Father to keep you safe as you go on your way, We’ve been together through thick and thin, and we’ll be together until the end, cause my love for you brother, is more than I can say. We’ve been to hell and we’ve been back, but the Father and you were both there to keep me on track, I’ll be standing there to watch you die and never turn my back away, And you’re with the Father and havin’ more fun than I could ever hope to, we both know He’s the one, I’ll be waiting for that fateful day when I’m gonna see your face. [[Category:Flatfoot 56]]

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