This 1’s 4 U-MAGDALLAN

I’ve heard all the stories ’bout days gone by, Adolescent fantasies all gone awry, Let me just say this one time…this one’s for you. So you want to be a big star, (big, big star) Thinking big hair and fast talk’ll go far, You’d sell you soul to be a Mr. Big, (Mr. Big) No matter what you do, don’t you quit your day gig, Oh, this one’s for you. You’d con the boy out of their share of the loot, Would even sell a nun an condo in Beirut, Well, on top of the world, you scream and shout, What’re you gonna do when your hair falls out? Oh, oh, this one’s for you, you, you. And here’s to all the folks who don’t hear the hit, Well, let me tell you, brother, I don’t give a… Twiddle while life’s hanging by a three piece hunch, He smokes a big cigar and says, "Let’s do lunch," Oh, this one’s for you, for you, for you, for you. The cheque’s in the mail – well, don’t react, Well, it don’t mean jack ’til you’ve that contract, Ain’t what you know but who you know that gets you through, (that’s true) We’ll call you, This one’s for you, This one’s for you, This one’s for you, (this one’s for you) For you. [[Category:Mad At The World]] [[Category:Christian_Rock]]

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