Through Dead Eyes-XDEATHSTARX

Dead to the world so now the real life begins The dismemberment of two selves Divide what can not co-exist We gave in to flesh Just to spit in our face in the end And the abandonment it left you in Will break what left of your last will to.. Nothing is how it appears Deny face value The hiding of truth to control You’ll see the worlds true state through dead eyes Only through dead eyes can you see You’re not alone when the realization hits You don’t fit in amongst the living There is one absolute You will never survive this life So the resurrected saves The resurrected cannot die We were abandoned by the flesh Dismember, dismember the two selves Dead to the world, your life is ending Possessions what you have become Drown in life or refine in fire Call to the living Call out to all who will be dead [[Category:XDEATHSTARX]]

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