[Words & Music: Ted Kirkpatrick] Car for sale – what a deal – I assure you it’s a steal Come and check it out some night – can’t I see it in the light? Kick the tires if you wish – 32 psi? That’s not bondo – It’s all stock – do you think that I would lie? Has it been in any wrecks – my mechanic wants to check Oh no, to the contrary – to check it it’s not necessary I know many verses and have studied many years Can’t you see how holy my exterior appears? Armor on all 4 tires – you sure are looking good But you will be bent out of joint if I lift up that hood I thought I knew you pretty well – but under stress you fell apart You do just fine if you are driving up and down the block But find a road with lots of curves – I see a sponge and not a rock Find a road with lots of curves – I see a sponge and not a rock For all these years I’ve known the Lord And each year means a higher score If people tell you your a horse you better saddle up Have you noticed sin I lack? – odometer has been turned back I exposite under toil – but that engine sure burns oil I never miss a week of church – the transmission has a lurch In our friendship you can trust – hey that frame is full of rust I have some timely news for you The car you sell is not so new It isn’t meant to run A1 So as a test or just for fun For once lets see your real side The humble side that doesn’t lie When pressures come that doesn’t fly For once let’s see your real side [[Category:Christian_Heavy_Metal]] [[Category:TOURNIQUET]]

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